This spirit dwells in sugar maple charcoal, the Lincoln County Process, before entering the new, charred white oak barrels for aging. We use the Lincoln County Process quite a bit differently than others. Since our new whiskey is only “hearts”, we don’t need to use charcoal filtering to remove impurities or take off a harsh edge. Instead, we allow our spirits to acquire unique sweet maple smokiness from the charcoal. This signature step serves to differentiate Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey from all other Tennessee Whiskies.

Our mash bill is locally grown white corn, wheat and malted barley which is fermented and then copper pot distilled. Our chief distiller, Clayton Cutler, makes judicious distiller’s cuts during each distillation and only the select “hearts” of the run are set aside for aging. No “heads” or “tails” make it into our barrels. These selections or cuts are the reason we believe that the traditional small batch process is superior to the continuous distillation process often used these days. We invite you to taste our Southern heritage whiskey and to appreciate our quality and attention to detail.